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Crazy in her own way, Natalie enjoys being the boss of the household and living life to its fullest. Mother of three wonderful children, she never stops and has many times been equated to the Energizer Bunny.
Apiculturist, Aviator, Boater, Airstreamer, Amateur Radio Operator, Physician. Father of five great kids that are growing way to fast for his comfort level. Always wishing there was more time in his day to do everything that he loves.

This website was originally created in 2006 by me (Dan) as a means to communicate with extended family and friends just prior to a family trip to China, with the original plan that the site be a modern-day journal of our family’s daily activities that would hopefully be available more immediately to our extended family and children now and eventually to our descendants after we are all long gone.

I am by no means a proficient writer and I often struggle finding the right words necessary to portray my thoughts in written form (the same goes for speaking if you want to know the truth).  Proof of my writing deficiency is clearly evident when reading the very first post   of the original website written on June 22, 2006, not be me, but rather by my daughter Emily (then 10 years old).  She did a great job and it set the bar quite high!  Therefore the blog portion of this site has been adapted as a means of sharing our daily lives through photographs instead of utilizing eloquent prose (since I can’t write).

I have always had a passion for photography having received my first camera at the age of 10, learning the craft of film photography, developing and black and white printing in my home.  As traditional darkroom photography was replaced with digital photography, I transitioned into utilizing digital cameras and post processing techniques primarily with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.  I feel as though I always have much to learn and never have enough time to do the things I want to do with respect to photography and realize that I will never have the talent to be a great photographer.  Regardless, I have decided not to let that get in the way of what I love.

I was fortunate enough to obtain an excellent education as a young adult and worked tirelessly throughout my early life giving me the opportunity to enter in an exciting, albeit stressful, professional career which ultimately provided the means to explore and capture the world as I see it, often times through the lens of a camera.    Despite having been fortunate enough to travel to far away places, I honestly find that the most enjoyable pictures to take and view are the ones that were taken close to home.

This site has evolved (and will continue to do so) as have I, thanks to advancements in coding for the site and to many past experiences (wonderful and devastating) for me.  The blog was originally on a “Blogger” site and was simply referred to as “The Peterson Family Blog”.  However, after the departure of my former partner due to her affair with another married man and dealing with the ultimate destruction of two families, I felt that the it was best to keep the name of the site more neutral as the word “family” is not necessarily defined in the traditional sense any more, at least not in my new world.

After many years, I am finally able to understand that a there is no simple definition of family.  Family is not defined by a husband, wife and their children, rather it is a unit of people that love and support each other through good times and bad.  The definition of family is constantly evolving, and every person can define family in a different way to encompass the relationships we share with people in our life. Over time one’s family will change as one’s life changes and the importance of family values and rituals deepen.  To me, family is the most important thing in the world.   Carpe Diem was the eventual name I came up with and over time, I was able to migrate the site over to my own domain (my middle name) and start again sharing my new family’s experiences over time.

Natalie and her children have recently joined up with my family in this new shared adventure moving forward and we are never looking back!! (well, except for when we come back to look at this blog…..)


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