Love Hate

Living in Wisconsin is always a joy, except sometimes..  I have to say that for the most part, I love it here.  The people are wonderful and the state is stunningly beautiful!  It offers so much!  However, I do get a little tired of the LONG winters.  Two weeks ago, the temperatures were in the mid to upper 50’s, the birds were singing and the breeze felt amazing!    The house doors and windows could remain open for several hours in the early afternoons!  So what did I do?  I took the plow off my truck as there seemed to be no chance that it would be needed again until winter began (in late September where I live).   So of course we had a blizzard Wednesday night and all day Thursday.  The plow is back on the truck as there was no other way I would have made it out of my drive yesterday without it.  I was, however, able to take some time and take in some breath taking views of the property after the snow had almost settled….  I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!

Echo Lake

Echo Lake after the spring thaw and subsequent blizzard…..

Echo Lake Dock

Overlooking the dock.

The view towards the house.

The view towards the house.

Finally, I was able to capture this short video clip of the peacefulness on Echo Lake yesterday morning.

Winter warmth

While I enjoy the down time offered by winter as well as the solitude of living in the country during the quiet season, I still find myself immensely busy with new indoor projects and ideas about improving The Lodge at Steinthal for the upcoming summer. This year, we are booked for the entire season and still receiving calls about future bookings! I will admit, the winters do get long here and I have always tried to escape to the southern climates if not for even a few days. This year was no exception as I headed to Mexico to soak up the sun while enjoying the calm seas with a mojito in hand. After this year, it was a much needed escape. I have since returned and as I write this we are bracing for a winter storm here and all the shoveling, plowing and icy roads that come with it.

More Lakefront Partying!

Who would have known that Sheboygan has a Sloveniafest? I certainly didn’t until while reading CAT scans this morning I heard very loud concertina and polka music coming from the park. I decided to go and listen to the melodious tunes, smell the saurkraut and drink and ice cold frosty mug of ….diet Coke….. I’m on call…..  Also I am fairly certain I was the youngest man there….  

Hard Work at Steinthal

Spent my “day off” dealing with a Manitowoc County Health inspection of The Lodge (an annual requirement and I PASSED!), a new cleaning service that did a great job, hours of power washing the tennis court (and it’s only a 1/4th done!), mowing and trimming the lawn….. I am ready for the evening and some relaxation and watching last Tuesday’s Dancing With the Stars Episode that I missed.  The Lodge is ready for business and looking forward to our first guests in one week!

Hours on the court and more to go....

Hours on the court and more to go….

The Gator got a work out today too!

The Gator got a work out today too!

Rusted History

Rusted History

Progression with the pole shed continues

Progression with the pole shed continues

A Bee-less summer at Steinthal


Working the then docile bees in the north field

For the past several years the northern field was teeming with buzzing honey bees as I restarted an old childhood hobby of mine.  The winter was once again bitterly cold and although early this spring I had one surviving hive that I fed to give it a change at restarting, we were subsequently hit with more frigid weather and unfortunately all of my hives have succumbed to the seemingly never ending Wisconsin winter.  While it would have been fairly easy to restart the hives with new packaged bees which are interestingly sent through the mail, I took some time to think about my current situation and decided that perhaps a hiatus was in order.

You see, last Labor Day weekend I was mowing around my hives during a light rain without my gear on.  The stupidity of mowing in the rain and also mowing around hives without gear is embarrassingly evident, but at the time I was in a hurry to get the job done so I could enjoy the rest of my time with my kids so I rushed to get it done.  Normally, I mow around the hives (in nicer weather) without the protective gear and I have never ever been harassed by the bees.  This is because the bees are too busy out of the hive foraging and their goal is more centered on collecting nutrients than it is protecting the brood and honey stores.  When it is raining, however, all the bees are in the hive, not foraging and only concerned with protecting the brood and honey stores.  Anyone walking around a hive in light rain is going to be asking for trouble and a guy driving a large zero radius John Deere rider lawn mower that makes a lot of noise and shakes the ground around the hives is essentially doomed from the start.

To make a long story shorter than it actually was….I got nailed about 20 times in the face and head while trying desperately to get away from the extremely aggressive “ladies”; my former friends.  My entire body swelled up, I couldn’t wear shoes and I had hives (not the bee variety) on every inch of my body… (I documented this with photos, of course, but am too embarrassed to share those…) I laid down for about 5 hours, continued to check my own pulse and breathing (although I did have a little laryngeal edema.. a major red flag for anyone in the medical field) and chose unwisely to NOT go to the hospital for proper care.  I gave my car keys to my teenage son and asked him to check on me every 15 minutes to ensure I was still conscious and if not to drive me into the Chilton hospital.   Needless to say,  I survived and made an appointment with our allergist to discuss my situation and also my concern that I was now seriously allergic to bees.  She confirmed, after extensive skin testing, that I was in fact allergic and that I stood a 35-65% chance of full blown anaphylaxis the next time I got stung.  She could reduce this to below baseline, however, with desensitization shots and a life-time supply of epi-pens close in hand.  She recommended, surpisingly, that I could and should continue to keep bees in the future.

To date, I have yet to get the shots, but plan on making my appointment soon and in the meantime I just don’t want to risk taking any chance of getting stuck in the field by myself stung and not able to get the assistance I need.

The bees will return in years to come, either at Steinthal or in a new home down the road.  I still have a fond appreciation of what they provide to our environment and look forward to enjoying their activity and the enjoyment they provide to me in the country.

Pump Up the Shed!

Early phase of the shed construction

Early phase of the shed construction

The Pole Shed is finally starting to take shape!  It will be great having a place to finally put some of the larger items!  My first real attempt at time-lapse photography was unfortunately thwarted by the holding tank pump out truck; an unpleasant, but necessary part of living in the country.  Every three years it comes to check the tanks, pump them out and report their findings back to the county.  It just happened that the pump out occurred at nearly the exact time as the shed “pump up!”  A special thanks to David Charles Construction and of course C&R Pumpers Inc.!




Our First Thunderstorm of the Year

Woke up early this morning to loud thunder, lightening and heavy rain!  Unfortunately it woke me up a few hours earlier that I had hoped.  Despite the early hour, it’s actually nice to have the rain as opposed to the snow.  Now if the temperatures would just start to rise a little more it will really begin to feel like spring.

Man’s Best Friend Deserves the Best at Home or Away



We love having dogs at The Lodge, especially well-mannered dogs with well-trained owners.  Here dogs have room to roam, space to stretch out, tail-wagging trails, country smells, tennis balls to chase, and a place to swim.

A well-behaved pooch deserves some pampering while away, and fortunately we have Christel’s Pet Supplies in nearby Kiel.  Christel’s is locally owned and sources dog food made right here in Wisconsin, not to mention treats and toys! It’s located across from Kwik Trip on Fremont street in Kiel.image1

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