The Great Wall of China certainly exceeded everyone’s expectations. It was a magnificent sight and I am sure will be our highlight. Sophie enjoyed it as well although she was stung by a bee there. We all heard her wail carry across the mountains. We then went to the Huatong district and went on a boat ride.

The people here though are amazed with our “great kids”. Just by their looks, not their behavior. Sophie especially has gotten used to giving cute smiles and looking demure as people oogle over her and ask to have their photo with her. Our guide says that they call them angels due to their fair complexions and big eyes. She says that those that are visiting the city from rural areas especially have never seen non-Asian kids. Michaela particularly enjoyed being photographed with a group of teenage boys.

We realize how fortunate we are to live in the US. The families here do not have the same opportunites as ours with regards to education and even regular meals. It can also be dirty, even in our “4 star” as they call it, toilets. They are good for quad strengthening though and Sophie finds them to be a big novelty. We have learned to carry our own toilet paper as well.

Today we are off to Tiannnamen Square. We will make and fly kites there.