Finding Old Friends

I was driving Michaela to school a few weeks ago and listening to Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven and All That I Want. It reminded me of an highschool friend that started a band and wanted me to play the keyboard. I remember practicing the keyboard solo for “All That I Want”. I was only mariginally interested and didn’t last long at all. Anyhow, I thought about him and decided I would Google his name to see what came up. Kind of curious what he was doing these days. His name is Chris Bucheit and he has a website:
He is a very accomplished guitarist and has several CDs that he has made over the years. The best part of all is that he and his family live in LaCrosse and he frequents Door County in the summer. He sent me several CDs and the kids and I play them frequently! We are looking forward to meeting him in person next year on Take Five in Door County! Check out his website and make sure you have your volume turned up! Dan

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