Buon Anno 2009!

Happy New Year from Italy!  We are a few days late in getting our New Years greeting posted.   We have had a great time so far and more pictures of our adventures to date will be forthcoming!   Above, Sophia jumps for joy during the Italian countdown on New Years Eve!  We spent the night at Marzio’s house in Cusone!  What a great night complete with amazing food, champagne, karaoke and great conversations with our Italian friends.  My lessons in Italian took a turn for the worse when I was wishing everyone “Buon Ano” instead of “Buon Anno”.  Turns out one is said with a “longer N sound”.   The later means “Happy New Year!”    The one I kept reiterating refers to a very personal part of the human anatomy….. at least it was “Happy!”  No one seemed to mind and I think they found it quite amusing.

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