The Party on the Street

Below, we adventure onto the lively Clusone streets after midnight to find a very lively party in full force.  Firecrackers, dancing, champagne and rock and roll music were all around us!  Noah wanted to be in the mix and asked to go up front.  I followed him up and he got bumped, lost his glasses on the street and miraculously was able to pick them out of the snow before they got trampled by an Italian celebrating the New Year.   He thought it best to move back a little after that experience.

Clusone, Italy during the New Year’s party.  The whole city is full of world famous monuments starting with the well-known 12th century “Planetary Clock Fanzago” which tells time anticlockwise.

 The following morning we were saddnened to learn that one of Marzio’s friends lost his restaurant to fire in the early morning.  The restaurant was about 100 yards from Marzio’s apartment and we stopped by while Marzio talked to his friend.
Santa Claus is seen sneaking in windows and climbing down ropes on the sides of houses in this country.  Perhaps the chimneys are too small…..

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