After a fabulous “Last Supper” in Italy, a 2 hour delay in Milan, a missed connection in Chicago and a cold drive home from Appleton, we made it home!  We got into Steinthal 23 hours after we left Lavinia’s home in Italy.   What a trip!  We were exhausted!  The kids all went to school on Friday morning.  Luke fell asleep in class, but the rest faired OK.  We are still getting up between 3:00 and 4:00 AM in the morning (even today!) and going to bed around 7:00 PM.   On Saturday we spent most of the morning looking at adopting a an animal from the local humane society.  Sophia is looking at a new kitten addition after we lost one of ours to coyotes or wolves a few months ago (YIKES!)
We are getting ready for a week long cold spell here at home.  Wish us luck!  I have more Italy pictures to post soon.  Had a hard drive crash on my desktop computer this weekend and am working on getting it repaired.

[A Lapp family, Norway] (LOC) by The Library of Congress.