Hey! Good News From Sheboygan!

Jen, Andrew’s proud mother found this entry on another site. Pretty funny as the references below are famous or “infamous” references to some of the local Sheboygan fare.


A seventh-grader’s correct spelling of another name for catfish snagged first place Saturday at the Badger Spelling Bee at Monona High School.

Twelve-year-old Andrew Grose, who attends Lake Country Academy in Sheboygan, correctly spelled nematognath to advance to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in May in Washington, D.C.

As far as we know, this kid has not been stuck in the snow trying to steal a car, nearly hit a police car while driving drunk, burgled his mom for drug money, tied his pit bull outside in a snowstorm, tried to pick a lock to a bar with his library card—then left the card behind, or dropped a load of meat on the highway.

I’d say he’s off to a great start in life, though I hope he can spell R-E-L-O-C-A-T-E before it’s too late.

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