Mistaken Identity

I recently had to take my Tissot watch in to a Green Bay jeweler for repair.  Initially they thought it just needed a new battery, but unfortunately the problem escalated and it has to be sent out of state for a complete overhaul.  The store had been trying to contact me and left a voicemail for me to call them to get authorization for the more costly repair.  Being preoccupied with other issues, I was slow to return the call.  I finally called them back today and Julie, the store manager was immensely happy to hear my voice.  When I inquired as to why she was so excited, she replied that she thought I had drowned in Lake Winnebago a few days ago.  I assured her that I was very much alive and also quite dry at the moment.  I have never been confused for a drowning victim before and I am 100% certain that I will NEVER drive a vehicle onto the ice of any body of water.  If you know me at all, I will be the one walking out onto my backyard pond in the winter with a lifejacket on!  Hearing news like this always helps one to put their own personal problems in perspective.  I am very able to see all the blessings in my life and I thank God daily!   My prayers go out to the family members of Bruce Peterson for their horrible loss….

APPLETON — A 58-year-old Appleton man who died Saturday after his vehicle broke through the ice of Lake Winnebago was identified Sunday as Bruce R. Peterson. Peterson died at Neenah’s Theda Clark Medical Center following an ice rescue on the lake near Waverly Beach in the Town of Harrison. His vehicle was submerged in about 16 feet of water, according to the Calumet County Sheriff’s Department.The vehicle was one of three that plunged through the ice in Calumet County on Saturday morning. The front half of a pickup truck broke through in a fourth incident. Police say warm temperatures and strong Friday winds deteriorated Lake Winnebago’s ice.

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