Moving On

After nearly 18 months, I have finally found the strength to revisit our family blog. The Maywood post below ended up being more significant than I ever would have imagined. A new friendship was developing there and and old one was slowly dying away. I only wish I had known what was happening and where it would have taken my life… The damage to the family was done and despite significant effort, there was no way that I could effect a true change on the situation. I tried for over a year. As a result, I will be single again after a nearly 25 year commitment and in the process of raising 5 wonderful children. I feel as though my family as well as another one has been destroyed and I am doing the best I can to pick up the pieces and establish a new sense of normalcy within my life. As time continues, I finally realize that I will be able to find happiness once again. As happy as I was in my past, I now know that happiness will someday present itself in the future. It already has in many ways! Happiness, after all, is what we as individuals make it out to be. I have decided that I will realize personal happiness by striving towards my goal of making this experience as painless as I possibly can for my children who have suffered greatly through this whole ordeal. They are paramount in my life and to watch them continue to grow and experience all this world has to offer will be my central focus. They are slowly establishing their own sense of “normal” and I can see that every day it gets easier for them as well as for myself. Additionally, I find peace in looking within myself to finally discover who I am as an individual and not necessarily as a husband, partner, physician or father. I realize that life will continue for my children and myself and I look forward to many more adventures in the future. So here I sit.. contemplating all the past wonderful adventures I shared on this blog, but more importantly dreaming of all the future adventures I hope to share with my children and friends in the future. The Steinthal Family Blog continues down a new path! I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited about what is to come! Stay tuned!

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