The Uma Thurman Look..

A friend emailed me this picture today as a suggestion for upcoming Ragbrai evening attire.  It’s basically a sleeping bag you can wear (and also evidentially do various aerobic exercises in) !  I still am hoping to do Ragbrai this year, but probably not with all the added comfort features of a camper.  Perhaps just this Selk bag, two sets of jerseys, a spare tube, a bike trailer and a small tent will do the trick this year.  I’m thinking that I won’t truly experience Ragbrai for all its glory until I truly force myself to “rough it”.  I won’t travel very quickly, but I never really was able to.  I have always been more for enjoying the scenery than trying to get from point A to point B in a set period of time.  Oh, and I probably will have to ditch the sword as well!
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