Packers Season Comes to an End…..

The B1 Bomber flyover at Lambeau Field

It was a great year to be a Packer fan.  After the surprising late-season turn of events that paved the way to a Superbowl Championship last year and a continued nearly flawless regular season this year, it was a great disappointment tonight to see the Packers lose to the New York Giants.  However, tonight I am reminded of all the fun I had having the opportunity to attend four games with family and friends and enjoy the true spirit of the game from the vantage point of the field itself.  Additionally, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the stock option sale and can legitimately call myself a Packer owner!  

The Packer fans in Green Bay are passionate and I am entertained just walking to the the parking lot of the Field to catch a sighting of the B1 bomber flyover, a rare event anywhere.   The bomber flew to Green Bay from a South Dakota airbase and is so large that it is unable to land anywhere locally.   After the 10 second show over the field, it headed straight west back to South Dakota to land.  I was accused of being an airplane nerd while standing in the parking lot to get the shot.  But being a pilot myself, I knew something good was going to happen and I was determined not to be deterred.  Besides I was happy to realize that I wasn’t the only one there in the parking preparing to catch a glimpse.  At least one other airplane “nerd” stood next to me in the frigid 17 degree weather to watch.  CRAZY!  đź™‚

Packer Parking attendants before the game

Just the short walk to the field made me smile as I saw countless homes along the way that had their lawns carefully snow blowed in preparation for the parking opportunities.  Here two young girls stand in front of their plowed yard trying to lure drivers to their coveted space.  They were happy to pose for the picture although I was hoping to catch them before they saw me.  The Packer fans have created a true culture here that I am very proud to be a part of and am certain I will continue to be for my lifetime!  GO PACK GO!   Thank you so much for a wonderful and exciting season!

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