Third time is a charm! We hope….

Today is a big day. I’m currently sitting in the passenger seat of my car with Emily behind the wheel and Sophie in the back as she isn’t feeling too well today and didn’t make it to school. We are heading towards West Bend, WI in order for Emily to take her third driver’s road test. The weather is frigid out with the car registering -2 degrees. Snow and ice covered roads are making for a slight challenge especially when the wind gusts hit the side of the car from out of no where. We are warm and comfortable and enjoying Indie Rock on satellite. Last night, Emily and I spent an hour driving around Manitowoc in preparation for today and we plan on spending several hours of practice time in West Bend once we get there as her exam doesn’t start until 2:00. She seems confident, which is both a positive and a negative. Sophie is content in the back working on her sketchbook which was recently found after being lost for the umpteenth time! I love looking at her pictures and listening to her tell me about them!

Last night was the first night as a family in the new Manitowoc home and it went fairly well. We were even surprised by a freshly baked home made apple pie thanks to our generous new neighbors. It was the perfect ending to a long day for the entire family!

Hope Emily passes her test this time around. It has been a rough haul for us living in the country and trying to transport the kids to their school-related activities. Once she has her license, it should be much more manageable! Wish us luck!!

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