Surprise! Beethoven’s Last Night

I was treated to a surprise night out last night.  While walking into the venue, I had no idea what the event was thinking that perhaps it would be a lawn and garden show, gun collector’s swap meet or even perhaps a MONSTER TRUCK EXTRAVAGANZA!    I walked into the stadium and looked at the stage while waiting for the show to begin and saw a collection of violins, music stands and chairs to one side; a HUGE drum set in the center;  electric guitars and keyboards on the other side and thought awhile….  Could this be The Trans Siberian Orchestra?   I am still a little shocked that I finally guessed it.  We sat back, drank beer and rocked out to Beethoven’s 5th, 9th and Fur Elise while watching a spectacular laser light show, digital imagery and thirty foot flame throwers!  What a great surprise and wonderful night!

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