Titletown Model Train Show

The family had a wonderful day spending the morning at the Titletown Model Train Show in Green Bay!  The show brought back memories for me as a child when I spent many hours playing with my HO gauge model railroad.  The show boasted 45,000 square feet of model railroad setups!  Alyssa commented that it would have been a great hangout for single women given the blatantly obvious 9:1 male:female ratio.   That comment made us all laugh.  She hasn’t been to a hamfest, I thought.   This was certainly a niche culture that was very fun to observe (aside from the trains of course).  The kids enjoyed looking at all the scaled scenes and I was amazed at how much progress was made in controlling all those trains.  Now all the “conductors/engineers” had wireless remotes that were able to control multiple trains in many directions with great ease!  I was even invited to join a club….  I think not.    Afterwards, we headed to Titletown Brewing Company for lunch and beer (kids drank root beer of course) before heading home.

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