Christmas Day at Steinthal

Sophie zooms down the hill on Christmas Day!

After celebrating Christmas eve mass we awoke to find that Santa did make it to Wisconsin after all and we had a wonderfully active day with the children on Christmas day.   After opening gifts by the fire, we spent the day enjoying sledding in the yard, making and eating home-made candied pecans and baclava as well as the locally inspired “Nachos Navidad” for dinner.    Listening to and composing music was the theme of the majority of gifts received.  Playdoh “candy” was furiously made by the new Playdoh Sweet Shoppe Candy Cyclone until the machine’s cyclone jammed early in the evening.  After spending an hour dismantling and rebuilding the “broken” machine, we realized that we neglected to shut a “safety door” during the candy production and thus the complete disassembly was for naught.  After piecing together the machine and retightening the screws we were able to produce mass quantities of the lovely little Playdoh candies to be mashed into just about any candy-shaped figure one could imagine.  Lovely!

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