New and Improved

Being a “do-it-yourself-wannabe” in many facets of my life I am always trying to learn new things whether it be playing the bass guitar, the piano, raising bees, chickens, doing small remodeling projects or learning how to make a new martini; and with Adobe’s new CS6 Suite I am able to work in a variety of new media.  Photography is a passion and has been for years, but until recently I was not able to tweak the photographs after I pointed and clicked.  Photoshop CS6 has opened a whole new window of opportunity for me.
Web design through Dreamweaver CS6 is no easy feat requiring the study of an at least 3 inch thick paperback manual, but it’s rewarding when the projects start coming together.  This weekend I started building a new website for The Lodge myself and while I have a newfound respect for web designers that do this for a living, I am pleased to see that I am able to put together a relatively simple site that provides all the necessary information for the guests that stay here.   I was actually working on this in the residence kitchen as a large family celebrated Christmas in The Lodge last night!  It’s not fancy at present, but I look at it as a foundation on which to build and a learning tool to have some fun with over the next few years.  I doubt I can quit my day job yet.  It will certainly evolve over time.  I will also be able to incorporate photographs of the property and guests’ visits right in the site instead of linking to outside resources.
A special thanks to Kristin, who generously developed the original Lodge website.  The new site will be available before the New Year.  I realize that no one is more excited about this than I am.  A true geek I am…..
A glimpse of what’s to be the new Lodge website…


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