A gift never to be forgotten

Today I received a gift I know I will cherish for a lifetime and how apropos that I write this while learning of the Pope’s announcement…

Last summer I was very fortunate to host Jan and Tom and their three wonderfully entertaining four legged companions (Benny, Rosie and Jasper) at The Lodge.    Jan is a a gourmet cook and took advantage of her time cooking wonderful meals during her stay.  She is also an accomplished artist that specializes in jewelry.   Although I am barely able to draw a two legged stick figure, I have a very fond appreciation for the arts and prior to their arrival I took the opportunity to view some of her work that was featured on her blog  The Comfort of a Safe Place.   Jan and I communicated more via email than we did in person after they arrived, namely because I strive to provide as much privacy to our guests as I possibly can (not always the easiest task with five or more children running around the property).

Jan and Tom were even gracious enough to cook my family a wonderful gourmet meal during their stay with us.  I remember Tom asking me what I would like for dinner and when I told him that the majority of my children were vegetarian, they took it in stride and Jan made a dish that would appeal to the meat eaters as well as the vegetarians.   I am not a vegetarian and always struggle to find something that my children will eat.  The funny thing is that some of my “vegetarian” children don’t like most vegetables so I was a little concerned that the Jan’s creation wouldn’t be appreciated by some of my children.  Nothing could have been farther from the truth!  THEY LOVED IT!

Benny, Rosie and Jasper led the way, with Jan and Tom in tow carrying the meal to our residence.  The little ones came by leash and after about 30 seconds the leashes were wrapped around everyone and everything creating an amusing puzzle for Sophie to unravel for several minutes thereafter.  The kids ate like kings that night and they talked about that meal for many weeks thereafter!

My faith in God was challenged several years ago after becoming aware of my now ex-wife’s  adulterous relationship and experiencing her ultimate departure.   At the time, I could not believe that God would have allowed something like this to happen to our family and I began to start questioning the actual existence of a supreme being.   With the help of countless books and MANY friends and family members over the ensuing months, I was able to feel reconnected once again with what I think might be an even stronger understanding than I had before the affair happened.  Jan is one of those people that helped me and this weekend my faith was strengthened once again by an amazing act of generosity with a beautiful handmade crystal and silver rosary and letter received in the mail over the weekend from her and Tom.

Thank you!  This will be remembered forever!
My picture can not capture the true beauty!
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