Out of Control

Feeling out of control is something we all probably face from time to time.  At times, those feelings regarding our own personal lives can seem insurmountable.  I know this from my own personal experiences and have struggled with learning how to cope with what I can and can not control.
Offering help to others, respecting and accepting the strength of forces larger than myself, appreciating and even embracing the twists in the ensuing adventure and accepting that those past life experiences can help a person to grow in a new and healthy direction are all integral aspects of my daily life now.  Self-empowerment is crucial in dealing with all the struggles we face in our lives, no matter how big or small.
The picture above portrays how I felt over three years ago and the seemingly endless months thereafter.  Those feelings are fading, but still haunt me from time to time as I still have to face some of those same past issues today.  The reality of how the picture was actually created is a reflection of what my life is today.  With my feet firmly on the ground, I am able to spend the evening with my children, playing with them and learning new things about them and myself.
Noah, Sophia and I spent our evening tonight trying our hands at levitation photography and after many trials and errors and some extremely embarrassing mistakes, we were able to come up with a few successes.   We laughed through the entire process and are already making plans to create something on an even larger scale; Noah has an extremely grand idea for a Christmas card that was explained to me in rapid fire such that I have no idea what was said nor what to expect….    Looking forward to that challenge when it presents itself!
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