MREA Energy Fair

The Midwest Renewable Energy Association, based out of Custer, WI. held its 24th Annual Energy Fair last weekend and we were fortunate to be able to attend despite the rain.    An educational event for all of us, but the post-fair bowling was nearly as educational as the kids watched in awe as their father managed 4 strikes in a row handily beating all 12 participants in the first game!  The awe didn’t last long, however, as their father’s ability quickly dwindled to an extremely disappointing loss the in the second game…..
Demonstrating an Aermotor windmill at the fair
Luke and Sophia at the WPR tent!  Where’s Ira Glass?!?!

Ice cream cones and Waterstreet beer kept us going throughout the afternoon! 

A guy walking around in this dragon costume was part of the day…  I have no idea why!

This lady’s homebrew electric truck would go 20 miles on a good day!

We have plenty of this fuel in Wisconsin!

How’d you like to fill up this tank?  A truly shitty job!

Post-festival entertainment.  She beat me in the second game…..

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