Delicious or Deadly….

Saturday morning we found ourselves recovering from the Nourish Food to Family Fundraiser and dinner.  The event was hosted by good friend Carol Christensen and she has been able to make a dream come true with her ability to create collaboration between local farmers and volunteers to share meals inspired by fresh, local ingredients with struggling families who deserve to eat well.  It also inspired some of us to pick several of the various species of mushrooms that are currently growing in the front yard and to contemplate the possibility of ingesting them during the ensuing days…..  Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending..
Some of the larger mushrooms were especially enticing!
The “scientist” reviews mushroom taxonomy in a the Field Guide of Mushrooms…incidentally dedicated to the author’s late husband…. Hmmmmm

This is an agaric mushroom.  It’s either safe to eat or deadly poisonous…..

A nice creamy yellow substance inside this specimen looks especially delicious!

A spore print, necessary for correct identification of the corresponding mushroom.  This sample
shows us that the mushroom is either delicious or deadly…

The two house cooks prepare the daily snack..  In this case chocolate chip cookies!!!

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