Solar Trackers Are Up!

Now with the the short days, I am always driving home in pitch darkness, not able to see what the solar field looks like and how the progress is evolving.  This morning, right before I took the kids to school, I was able to glance a peek and was surprised to see the trackers completely installed and ready to receive the panels.  To give you an idea of their size, the mounted frames are about 32 feet in width and 9.5 feet tall.  Each one of the frames will hold 22  300 Watt solar panels for a total system size of 19.8 Kilowatts.   The frames will rotate to follow the suns path in order to improve efficiency by about 10-15%.   Once the panels are attached,  the cable between the panels and lodge needs to be installed and we should be up and running!  
The trackers are up and ready for solar panels!

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