SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Road Trip to Minneapolis!!!!

Tesla Superchargers are now just a road trip away.
Visit to learn more about Tesla Supercharging and Model S.
First Wisconsin Supercharger Now Open!
Mauston Supercharger
  640 McEvoy Street, Mauston, WI 53948
24 hrs/day
Charging Stalls – 6
The planet’s fastest charging station is now just a road trip away! We are excited to announce our first Supercharger in Wisconsin. The Mauston Supercharger is the first in a series of Superchargers that will open between Minneapolis and Chicago. Soon you will be able to drive your Model S to major cities across the Midwest and never stop for gas again.
Incredibly Fast, Always Free
Superchargers can recharge half the capacity of Model S in as little as 20 minutes and are strategically placed to allow owners the ability to drive from station to station while minimizing stops. Superchargers are conveniently located off major highways near cafes, shopping centers and travel plazas.
Ready for Model S?
To learn about test drive events coming to your area, please visit ourEvents page. To learn more about Model S and electric vehicles,
Tesla Motors | 3500 Deer Creek Road | Palo Alto, CA 94304
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