Anime Midwest Convention and Cosplay – 2014

The kids and I spent the weekend enjoying the many sites and sounds of The Anime Midwest Convention.  Cosplay is an obligatory part of the experience and Sophia convinced us to dress the part for the event.  Sophia is a fan of Homestuck and I told her that I would dress up as anyone she wanted.  Sophia was Vriska Serket, Noah was Sniper and I was Dirk Strider, complete with a permanently bleached hairstyle.   Lukas was Lukas.

 While I did enjoy attending the various panels and learning about this subculture I honestly never really understood, my favorite pastime during the convention was to watch and capture all the various cosplayers doing what they enjoyed the most, namely showing off their costumes.  Stunning costumes were the norm and I found great joy walking around, talking to and photographing all the characters.  As our three day weekend wound down, Sophia and I are already making plans to attend Anime Fusion in Bloomington, MN on October 17th.  It’s already in the calendar!   

Sophia (Vriska Serket) and Noah (Sniper) 
Sophia (left) meets up with some other Homestuck fans!
Attending a late night Homestuck panel with Vriska.
Vriska has a fan. 
Below are many more pictures from the event.  Very passionate individuals!

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