Sunday and Monday at Door County

We began our vacation in Sturgeon Bay, Take Five’s home base and enjoyed the amenities of marina. It was a particularly windy day and not one conducive to boating (especially with the manner in which Take Five was docked) so the kids and I headed to the Kite Shop in Fish Creek.  Emily’s kite was a monstrous 12 ft by 6 ft delta kite that required 200 pound test line and she and Noah handled it like troopers.  Luke had a dinosaur kite and Sophie’s kite was missing pieces out of the box and is being prepared for a return when we get the chance.  
On Monday, the weather finally calmed and we were able to get the boat out and head north to Egg Harbor.  Luke was the captain in training for the trek and even docked the boat at Egg Harbor!  A very proud moment for me as maneuvering an 80,000 pound 60-foot boat this is no small feat!
Emily takes on the beast!

Luke and Maddie relaxing and kiting…

Noah assists Emily readying for a launch!

HANG ON!  This one pulls hard!
Take Five heads out to Egg Harbor as the Oregon Street Bridge is raised.  Luke was the captain for the journey

The view from Egg Harbor

Julie and Abby

Sophia enjoying the sunset on the Egg Harbor beach
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