Solar Power Proof!

I just received my final electric bill for the year and after one complete year of living with solar electricity, I am finally able to look back and see just how well the system really did.  Total electric costs for The Lodge and residence this year were a very small fraction of previous years at only $330.00!  Given the size of my property and electricity usage I incur, this is a huge reduction in my electricity liability!  By the end of the day today, the panels will have generated a whopping 30,000 Kilowatt-hours for the year!  The total CO2 offset is equivalent to 734 15-watt CFL light bulbs powered for 8 hours/day for an entire year and equivalent to 21 tons of CO2 saved!    To find out more about the array and solar power in general, feel free to check out the Sustainability Link on The Lodge at Steinthal’s Home Page which will then direct you to the Deck Monitoring Link.

Cumulative Electricity Generation


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