Website Facelift for The Lodge!

I am in the final stages of completion of the new and improved web page for The Lodge.  The main difference is that now the site is responsive and will adjust it’s size depending on what device it is being viewed.  With the majority of web sites now being accessed via smart phone, this was a necessary step.  More content will be added in the near future in order to provide more information for the guests currently staying at The Lodge.  

My programming isn’t the best and it’s not the most elaborate site, but over time I hope to tweak it a bit more and make it even more functional.  

For me, this is something I enjoy just to have the opportunity to learn new things.  Web Page design is certainly not my expertise, but I have fun nonetheless!   Perhaps for 2016 I will have an app that you can download onto your phone!  (All three of you….   🙂   )    
I have also completed a short video that showcases some of the amenities available at The Lodge.  That too was an experience in video editing that I haven’t had in quite a long time!  Adobe Premier has changed a lot since I first attempted a video project for my young children after returning from the national Destination Imagination contest.
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