Take Five Heading South (pending weather…)

Heading out into open water with Take Five during better weather..

After a long winters hiatus Take Five was finally launched and I am finally able to navigate her to her new summer home in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  After continued exterior cosmetic work and a thorough cleaning with new canvas, she is looking awesome!  Unfortunately, the National Weather Service has issued a dense fog advisory for my expected route in effect from now until 10 AM on Sunday.   I was planning to start the voyage first thing Saturday morning.  The weather was supposed to be perfect for the trip and now I am a little bit concerned.   My concern only deepens as I am currently listening to a book entitled Dead Wake by Erik Larson.  This book researches the deadly last voyage of a the passenger boat RMS Lusitania that was torpedoed by a German U boat in the Irish Sea killing 1,198 people including 128 Americans.  The event happened shortly after the Lusitania emerged from dense fog….   The book is a wonderful recitation of history and chronicles the events from first hand accounts of all the parties involved, including the captain of U-20, the German submarine that launched the torpedo.  This event marked the beginning of the US entry into World War I with an eventual declaration of war against Germany in 1917.

I am always nervous when talking the boat out for it’s first cruise of the season as I fear that perhaps some critical boat system might fail or I will have forgotten how to navigate in the sometimes close quarters near the marina.  It can also be a challenge docking an 80,000 pound boat alone.  However, thankfully, I have been very fortunate (usually) in the past and use extreme caution when taking her out, especially into the open water of the Great Lakes.   I will also have my youngest daughter, Sophia, on board to assist me with the trip and keep me company for the 5 hour voyage if I decide to brave it.

Sheboygan, HERE WE COME!!!  (MAYBE)

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