A Beautiful Call Weekend on the Lake

Honestly, the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth.  It has been total fog, rain and nothing but dreary here this weekend.   I was able to get internet beamed directly to the boat and now have the fastest internet I have ever experienced for personal use.  Thanks to Excel-net, I had a radio installed and am getting 25MBs download speed, nearly twice the speed I can have while at work and nearly 10 times what I have at Steinthal (and at a tenth of the price).  So call from the boat has been nice, despite the bad weather.  During my limited down time from the computer, I have been tearing out all the vintage electronics and wires that go nowhere and were never removed during the many upgrades that have happened over the years.   So much of the original stuff on the boat is no longer relevant.  Several runs to the dumpster later and I feel that I am only slightly closer to where I need to be.


Just a small sampling of the junk that needed to be ripped out.


Once again, I can’t see my boat at the end of the dock.

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