Airstream is heading for repairs

Unfortunately, the Airstream suffered a cracked forward window that needed to be repaired.  The local RV dealer didn’t feel comfortable repairing it due to the complexity of the process.  All rivets need to be drilled out, the old window removed and then the new window is placed in it’s placed, re-drilled and then the trim is placed back on and riveted back in place.  The only place that would be able to do it is the only Airstream dealer in the state and they are located in Milwaukee.  I had time on Monday to drive it down there and all went without a hitch.  It was a little challenging driving and maneuvering in the city, but I made it!


On Steinthal Road, ready for the trip to Milwaukee


Southbound on I-43


Backed it in next to all the new shiny and VERY expensive Airstreams. One was listed at $160K !!!!! Glad I didn’t have any issues backing!

Not sure how long it will take to get repaired, but not too worried about it as our weather continues to be cool and the first time it goes out for the maiden camping adventure won’t be until early May.

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