Bowling? Seriously?

Yes, I have recently been coerced into joining a bowling league at The Elks Lodge.  My membership there is pending a successful induction ceremony on October 22.  Just a little nervous about that….  BUT I AM VERY NERVOUS ABOUT BOWLING!!!  My bowling career started in college where we had 4 lanes in the rec center at Luther.  Since then, they have been replaced with a lounge.  I was lucky to break 100 then.

As I matured over the years, I managed to bowl once or twice every three or four years and am currently lucky to be bowling right around 100.  Yes… I have not improved much and I am an absolutely pathetic bowler.  Luckily, I was teamed up with some wonderful people, one of which I was told managed to throw her ball in the adjacent lane during league play last year.  Perhaps, I will manage to bolster my team’s rankings after all.

Anyhow, it’s all for fun and we have decided to have our bowling shirts embroidered with our team name and embrace the retro style of everything having to do with bowling.  I might even get my own ball and shoes to match my shirt!





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