After finishing the winterization of the Airstream, we decided to pull out the bed and take a look at the soft floor we were feeling over the summer.  I was worried the subfloor was deteriorating, but just hadn’t had the time to really explore it.   Now that we are done with camping for the season, it seemed time to finally figure it out.

Unfortunately, the subfloor is completely rotted out in the back of the trailer.  This was obviously known by the previous owner (and conveniently undisclosed to us) as it was clearly patched once before.  The underlying problem seems to be a leak on the top of the trailer and I suspect that the culprit might be coming from a vent.  Needless to say, we are now faced with having to patch the subfloor in the back of the trailer and track down that leak that caused it in the first place.    Winter project!

We have decided to keep the camper parked near the house for the winter and will plan on spending our winter months repairing and remodeling the interior.     The subfloor will come out, the water heater will need to be removed.  I also plan on replacing the water lines with PEX tubing which is so much easier to work with (although I have never worked with it personally…. GULP….)  New overhead light needs to be replaced and new bed framing with better storage options will be planned and created. Wish us luck as we are novices at this, but always willing to take on the challenge!

The laminate partially removed over the soft spot.

The laminate partially removed over the soft spot.


OH NO!!! Wet and rotten subfloor along the back wall of the camper.