Had a nice “Brady Bunch” weekend in Chicago over Easter.  Blue Man and Adler Planetarium were some of the attractions.  Lou Malnatti’s Pizza on Friday night!  9 people in all and we met Wendy and George for Saturday dinner near Lincoln Park!

Lower Wacker south of the river on our way to Lou Malnati’s for some famous food!

The river was full of life on this perfect evening!

Cole leads the way

Mother and Children

This quick shot was performed at the request of Cole so he could share it at school.

The big kids are “AWESOME!”

Despite my better judgement and mild protest, we just HAD to stop at The American Girl Store.

Noah was in HEAVEN!

and so was Michaela…

So dreamy!

The Easter Bunny even delivers to The Embassy Suites!

White Woman next to Blue Man….

Bought these sunglasses for Luke then wished I had kept them for myself….

Parking Lot Portrait as Michaela and Cody needed to head home. The rest of us neede to see the Stars at Adler Planetarium

Luke’s thermal body print. Still wishing I had kept those sun glasses….


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