Spent a large part of this weekend working on the Airstream.   There was a significant leak in the back of the camper and the subfloor has been removed.  I have purchased the marine grade plywood to replace the floor, but before I do that, I need to get to the source of the leaks.  There are three vents and one large AC unit that are probable culprits and all of it is going to be replaced this spring before camping begins.    Also that ugly TV antenna is going to find its way into the dumpster as soon as I have aluminum to patch the hole.  We don’t need to receive TV while camping.    Finally, all windows are going to be re-caulked before any new flooring goes in.  I never thought I would find myself doing this, but it has been rewarding (albeit frustrating) so far.

The vents are a great piece of technology, completely automatic with thermostats, remote control and a rain sensor that closes them when it rains.  Pretty fancy for me!

The Airstream ready for some new vents

The rear vent prior to being removed. Why not enjoy a good cup of coffee while sitting on the metal roof of an Airstream?

Drilling out the many rivets. I am going to be an aluminum expert when done with this thing… In 10 years…

Rivets out. Now time to scrape of the cement-like sealant they put around this thing. Finally had to use a grinder to get it off.

The inner fixture hanging by the 12V wiring Previously this was a combination vent/light, but the entire interior lighting is being upgraded to LED fixtures.

It was unbelievable the bugs and old wasp nests I found hiding away. The new vents will make that an impossibility as they are completely sealed and covered when not in use.

The old vent removed and now I needed to cut the inner and outer aluminum skin to fit the new square vents.

One of the two forward vents completely installed. Butyl tape looks messy and will be cut once it has a chance to sit for a few days. Then I will caulk with TremPro 635 polyurethane sealant.

The rear vent complete. Air conditioner will be replaced with a brand new low profile unit next weekend. Just need to figure out how to hoist the 100 pound behemoth onto the roof….

Before I complete the fan installs with the interior trims, I need to strip off old latex paint and wall covering. Eventually the interior skins will be shiny aluminum. Will never understand why the interior skins were covered in the first place.  This is a HUGE project!