A rude awakening in Albert Lea

Woke up bright and early at 4:30 AM in Albert Lea, to truck traffic in the parking lot, the very potent smell of diesel exhaust and a raucous thunderstorm. We left the bikes out, but I’m sure the water caused no problems. We will need to oil up our chains a little when we get into Orange City later today. Prior to that we need to head to the bank and pick up some cash and also raid a local Walmart stop for supplies.

We have about 3 hours left of our westward journey and I’m looking forward to playing Noah’s newly created and highly entertaining Amazon Product Game during the ride. Last night while driving, Noah decided to look up the Deals of the Day section on Amazon and would read either the product description or frequently asked questions while the Luke and I would attempt to be the first to yell out the product name. So far, I’m in the lead after successfully guessing Pull-ups, scissors, umbrella and Rumba to name just a few.   

Coffee is brewed and now I wait on the sleeping kids and the storm to pass.   Hopefully they are enjoying this adventure as much as I am.    

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