Arrived in Orange City

Orange City!!!!!!

After much travel, we finally arrived in Orange City, IA.   We have already met people from Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma.  We are basically located in the high school parking lot very near all the most important amenities. Specifically, the Porta potties are only 20 feet away from the front of our camper. There are showers in the high school locker rooms available for five dollars.  

The sign in front of the local high school. We have decided to try to go three days without a shower. 🙂

We spent approximately 30 minutes unpacking and setting up our camp. Generators are working perfectly and we could have air-conditioning running if we needed it. It’s not that hot so we have decided to save energy and “rough it”. 

Camp RAGBRAI 2017 is ready

Luke, Noah and I have already biked over to the local Mexican restaurant and enjoyed an amazing dinner. The boys are anxious to find a book to read so they have decided to drive over to a nearby city and look for a bookstore there. 

A great Mexican restaurant only a short bike ride away

Noah already has grease marks on his wrist and road rash on his elbows.


Tomorrow the rest of our team arrives and the RAGBRAI expo begins. There are a few last minute items I will need for the ride and also I plan to tweak my bike just a little bit more before we head out early Sunday morning. 

One of the many school bus conversions we will see here.

Ride on!

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