Michaela and Cody Get Married

I must admit that I am a little bit in shock and feeling old now that my oldest daughter is married.  The ceremony on Saturday went very well and everyone had a great time!   Natalie spent Friday and Saturday helping set up the venue at Camp YCODA in Sheboygan and was a saint for having to put up with all the family dynamics.  In the end, it was a huge success and a beautiful celebration!   I really can’t thank her enough!

I really didn’t take pictures during the celebration and most of the pictures I have are from others.  Hopefully the professional photographers pictures will be available in the near future.  There were over 25 people between the residence, lodge and camper as we hosted for Cody’s wonderful family over the weekend!  Now it is time to sleep…….

Michaela Wedding

Dan and Cody after the ceremony


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