Packers Beat the Cowboys!!!

Had a great day yesterday enjoying the game with some local friends.  Prior to the game, Natalie brewed some beer in our friend’s garage.  We all had ample supply of sample beer from the previous batch which contained the same ingredients.  It was amazing!!

Cooking the brew..

Here Natalie carefully pours the boiling brew through a filter in preparation for rapid cooling. She didn’t spill a drop!

Oxygenating the mixture with a few more pours. Filtering the last bit of sediment as well, Natalie skillfully holds the strainer while Steve pours and Heather observes…

Getting ready for ice and a rapid chill prior to storage and fermentation.

The final step prior to storage. Natalie works hard to bring the temperature down into the 60’s. Don’t ask her why, because I don’t think she knows…. Neither do I for that matter

Finishing the job just in time to watch the Packers beat the Cowboys. A good friend of mine suggested the beer should be named 35-31. Figure it out, Cowboy fans!

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