Yes!  We are excited to announce that we are once again celebrating one of Natalie’s favorite seasons……..


It usually starts with Natalie looking at one of the girls’ hair and finding a small “crawly” walking around on the scalp.  The first time this ever happened, Natalie brought it to me to observe and asked me what it was. Now, Natalie is a seasoned expert when it comes to identifying the anatomy, physiology and life cycle of the little critters.  She will explain that a louse is the common name for members of the order Phthiraptera, which contains nearly 5,000 species of wingless insect and she knows everything that needs to be done to remedy a typical infestation.

The remedy is well planned and perfectly executed when Natalie takes charge and it’s very clear from the beginning that there is no standing in her way during this cherished celebration.  Let me just say that all hell breaks loose!  Walgreen’s anti-lice medication shelves are completely emptied (no joke) and everything in the house is sprayed, washed, dried or completely thrown out.  Then everyone’s hair is chemically treated, combed with special lice combs, shampooed with various anti-lice treatments, a process that is not repeated once, but more often twice or even three times for days.  Stuffed animals are quarantined in a hidden-away closet that no one knows about and they will stay there for a month, or two or three….      In the past we even vacuumed-packed all bedding and stored them away; luckily she has amended that portion of the treatment regimen.  The treatment plan lasts for days and there is absolutely no possible way a louse could survive in Natalie’s very hostile environment.

Like all good seasons of the year, we will see this one pass, but there is no doubt we will always have many memories (scars) of how we celebrated (endured) this very special family time.

Thanks, Mom, for taking good care of the household and preventing those “crawlies” from wreaking havoc in our home!

Until next season………..

An excited Kameryn and “The Exterminator” after a hair treatment

Brynn, happy to have her first treatment behind her

For more information on how to treat head lice, please see this excellent review on WikiHow!