The Absolute Terror of Changing a Light Bulb

One of the weekend chores that I have been putting off for some time was to change a light bulb precariously placed in a high recessed can over the staircase.    The light is located about 12 feet over the staircase, but it’s at least 18-20 feet over the bottom landing.  The problem has always been access.  While I used to have an extension I could put on the end of a broom stick that would grab the bulb and replace it, that tool was tossed after my move from Kohler a long time ago.

So we decided to tackle this problem head on and use a ladder, the only problem is that only half of the ladder could be placed on the stairs, the other dangled in open air about 2 feet from the next stair below.  I got a piece of rope and tied the ladder to the adjacent handrail above me and hoped for the best.   After setting up the contraption and testing it several times, I managed to garner a lot more attention than I had planned which even included a few photos of the process…..

Ever so slowly, I moved up to the top and got the job done!

Despite having a pilot’s license and having done all kinds of crazy spin maneuvers, I am terrified when I climb a ladder.    I always thought that I was just scared of heights, but I think I am actually scared of falling……  (brings back memories of jumping off the stratosphere in Vegas a few years back….. and I am getting chest pains right now as I write……)

A special thanks to Natalie for her moral (and physical) support as she steadies one leg of the suspended ladder and manage to successfully change a light bulb without requiring a hip replacement!!

Heading up the ladder, one step at a time and carefully removing the bulb….

Of course she offers to climb the ladder, but my pride prevents it.

She just thinks this is funny……

The new bulb in place as I quickly move down the ladder…

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