Dryer LP Conversion by a self-certified technician.

The Steinthal residence recently found it necessary to replace the old front-loading washer and dryer due to a drum leak that was essentially unrepairable (i.e. it would cost less to replace the entire washer than it would to replace the leaking drum).   A brand new LG washer and dryer set was delivered a week afterwards and ready for install.  Unfortunately, all gas dryers are shipped with natural gas in mind and if the property uses liquid propane, a conversion is in order.  I decided that this sounded like a simple process and could easily take this on myself.  After all, what could go wrong?  An explosion?   Carbon monoxide poisoning?  NAH!!!!!

Actually the process is quite simple, in theory.   There is a small brass regulator that needs to be removed and replaced with a regulator suitable for LP.  The not quite so simple part of the process is how to get access to the regulator so that it can be switched out.  A person would assume (wrongly) that since this is such a common process and many people need to convert their dryers, that the regulator would be behind a little door in the base of the dryer that could be opened, granting full access for replacement and after years of dryer design upgrades, this would be the obvious solution.    So wrong! So wrong!

After pre-ordering the part, I spent the good part of my newly granted one day work “VACATION” yesterday researching what I exactly needed to do.   A special thanks to Aurora Medical Group for granting me a vacation day to do this!   Time to sit back, pour a cup of coffee and watch some YOUTUBE videos!     Thanks to Matt for showing me exactly how to do this!

I am officially YOUTUBE CERTIFIED!

Time to get started!


Here we are after removing the top of the dryer, the front control unit and the front panel.  Simple enough..

Next it’s time to remove the wiring harness and remove the bulk head from the front of the dryer and blower assembly… OK…  Starting to get a little concerned I won’t remember how to put this all back together…..

Now this was an interesting step.  Had to remove the belt from the drum and lift out the entire drum and place it on the floor.   Pretty much certain at this point Natalie was going to come home and be greeted by a shambles of parts, tools and blood on the floor in place of the dryer…..   Yeah, I cut my hand just a little during this step.  All part of the plan…

The brand new dryer as it looks after being dismantled…..  I am now wishing I was working instead of taking my forced vacation day….

I was able to get the natural gas orifice out with a 10mm wrench no problem, however, to my dismay, I could not for the life of me get the new propane gas orifice threaded back into place.  At this point, the nausea started to consume me as I imagined having to call a real certified technician to fix this mess and to have him walk into the laundry room with parts and tools (and blood) everywhere only to realize my real issue was not being able to screw in a simple part…  After 30 minutes and a couple more cups of coffee, I was thrilled when I realized it threaded on!  Using my trusty 10mm wrench I was able to get it secured.  I had to screw down the regulator pin to the very bottom and then it was time to hook up the gas, check for leaks and hope I could get it all back together again.  Soapy water on all connections and smelling everywhere proved that the seal was tight and it was now time to put it all back together again…  GULP!!!!

I will save you the hassle of watching it all go back together (you could actually scroll backwards through the photos to get the basic idea).   Let’s just say, I kept good track of all the hardware and reassembled it back into a perfectly functioning dryer (with no orphan screws) just in the nick of time for Natalie to get home and be impressed.  I’m thinking she was underwhelmed, but needless to say I was pretty proud of myself and now I know if I ever need to convert a natural gas dryer into an LP dryer….  I will call someone else to do it..

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