Take Five is in the process of receiving a major electronics upgrade while in storage over the winter.   While I installed the electronics in her around 13 years ago with the latest and greatest of the time, I quickly stood back and watched as everything very quickly became outdated.  Now all panels will be touch screens and we will have much more vital information available to us as we cruise Lake Michigan this summer.   Looking forward to warm weather and calm water!

The “Take Five” vinyl on the transom is also due to be replaced.  I put that on when I originally purchased the boat 16 years ago.  One of the requirements of a Coast Guard documented vessel is that the hailing port be placed on the transom.  It’s been years since I’ve had this boat stationed in Sister Bay, WI. and time to finally have the correct port put on the boat.   Sheboygan is where she will be for a long time to come, I believe.  This picture is an old one I took from a jet ski and I don’t even remember where we were (someplace in Michigan, I believe).  As you can see, Michaela (now 26) has grown just a bit since then….

More about Take Five

An old picture of Take Five with sample vinyl name change.  The hailing port will be Sheboygan, WI.

The big kids thought that the other font looked too much like “Microsoft clipart” so I decided to try this option instead.