Willow enjoying the “people bed” after spending her first night in the crate

Day two with Willow went VERY well, if you don’t count the two hours of howling in the middle of the night while in her crate.  Her first overnight with us was much better than the second.  Ultimately she survived without incident and was ecstatic to be out this morning and back in the “people bed.”    Yesterday she was able to explore more of the property and residence and even went for a stroll through the woods with Dan.  She loves the snow and really seems to have a fondness for dirt!

Spent much of her waking moments with the kids outside and has been a lot of fun to watch her experience so many things for the first time.  She is already ringing a bell to be let outside (which I personally find amazing) and has done very well with her potty training.

Today was her first vet visit for a check up and vaccinations.   She received her bordetella pertussis (kennel cough) vaccine as well as Lyme’s disease vaccine and the vet gave her all passing grades!  They loved her markings and she even decided to introduce herself to the residence vet cats who were completely disinterested with her…  As I write this, she is napping and I am feeling as though I could do the same…..

The outdoors is an amazing place!

She especially likes what little snow we still have on the ground!

Getting ready to go see the vet!

The board on the wall at the vet welcoming all the lucky patients of the day!

Awaiting the arrival of Dr. Anderson.

At home after the vet and discovering muddy paw prints for the first time.  She preferred licking them more than admiring them for their visual uniqueness..

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