This weekend I got in big trouble! It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the weather is finally starting to feel like spring and the trusty old minivan was in dire need of a car wash. While stopping for a few groceries, we decided to head across the street and get the job done. Kameryn was my front seat passenger; I was the driver and Natalie and Brynn were stuck in the back.   As we pulled into the car wash (the $10 Super Deluxe Wash with the multicolored wax variety) the jets started to turn on and rinse the car off.  After the soap cycle and just prior to the power rinse cycle,  I thought it would be  extremely humorous to roll down Kameryn’s car window, just before the water got to it and then I planned to quickly roll it up right before the jets hit the window.  This very carefully planned maneuver on my part was so very far from what actually transpired. 

You see, as I was quickly trying to roll up the window, Kameryn, Natalie and Brynn started screaming and yelling at me and Kameryn decided to try and roll up her window at the same time that I was doing it (only Kameryn pushed the wrong direction on the button, forcing the window all the way down and counteracting any attempt on my part to close the gap).  At about this time, Kameryn and I got power-washed by a 1000 psi several gallon torrent of cold water for between 5 to 10 seconds.   We finally were able to get the window up (as I think Kameryn’s entire body was blown to the left by the water gush, releasing her hand from the window switch) allowing us plenty of time to prepare for the visual wonder of the blue, yellow and pink wax cycle.   LOVELY!!!!  But I digress and back to the current story… 

At this point, everyone was continuing to yell and scream at me (except Brynn, who was laughing hysterically, because she was perfectly dry after the experience because her sister was the one that got the $10 shower, minus the wax) and I had a lot of explaining to do to everyone in the van as I cautiously drove out of the car wash with limited to no visibility due to the fog and water all over the inside of the windshield, all over the seats, the interior ceiling, my glasses and of course, Kameryn….

While I think there must be a lesson to be learned from this incident, I am not quite sure what it is, nor have I learned it.    I told Kameryn that this would be a good topic of conversation at school on Monday as she could share it during “show and tell” explaining to all her friends and her teacher how she had her very first personal car wash experience.  She didn’t think that was a good idea at all… 

Would I ever do this again?  Heck yes!  Especially if Kameryn was sitting next to me…..  and I suspect when Kameryn is driving age and I am the one in the passenger seat, she will almost certainly do the same.

The interior of the minivan afterwards.   Note the water dripping from the ceiling…  Ooops

How it looks from the outside.  No words really necessary..

Kameryn, after moving to the back of the van since her seat was drenched.  She’s not too happy with me…

Brynn, on the other hand, thought the spectacle was AWESEOME!  Oh and she stayed completely dry while her sister did not..

The guilty driver trying to reconcile with Kameryn…  It didn’t take too long..