Willow was overjoyed to be a part of the lunchtime festivities to be had at Sprecher’s Restaurant in Sheboygan.  This place features a nice back patio that overlooks the river where they allow furry friends to enjoy the fine cuisine.   They even have a menu for dogs!     Willow started off her lunch with a beer (of the chicken flavored variety) and topped it off with a Pup Patty perfectly cooked!  She was in heaven and enjoyed the surroundings.  She was also a big hit with the wait staff who came over many times to refill her water bowl and pet her.

The options on the puppy menu look more delectable than those on the human menu….

Yes, Natalie is ordering some for home.  I tasted it and it basically tastes like water with a little chicken broth for flavor.  Very bland.  Amazing that this is probably creating a fortune for whoever came up with this ingenious idea!

Willow is looking a little intoxicated while drinking her non-alcoholic chicken flavored beer.  I also tried some as I am working this weekend and found it to be simply divine!

Pup Patty – cooked medium well with all the seasoning and a side of cold cooked carrots.  YUMMY!