Spent the weekend in the miserable cold getting the boat ready for the season.  It was COLD!  WINDY! and COLD!!!  We had temps dip down in to the low 40s.   Willow had a great weekend and learned that being inside the boat is much nicer than being outside and there was no swimming in the pool for the adults.  She did well despite not having the boarding stairs up for the weekend.  We had to lift her up and down the side of the boat on the boarding ladder.  It worked fairly well since we have her in a very sturdy harness.  We can practically lift her up by the harness and lower her down to the the dock, despite her 27 pounds already at only 12 weeks of age.  Finally, today was her first day of “school”.  She is currently spending the day at doggy daycare and her parents were a little teary-eyed after they dropped her off.  Willow looked to be very happy to be there despite her parent’s concerns….

Willow’s first day at the marina!

Getting some work done at the galley table..

The long walk down the dock to the boat….

Willow meets some new human friends and gets to go on a cart ride!

After a rough night in the crate, she wakes us up at 4:30 AM to sleep in the “people bed” and gets very comfortable….  Too comfortable!

Her first day of “school”!

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