Willow’s First Leroy Cup!

The Harbor Centre Marina revealed a new delicacy in the form of an ice cream cone with a dog biscuit as a garnish and it has been a huge hit with many of the marina residents of the four-legged sort…    It’s named after an iconic Samoyed mix-breed named Leroy who has been a local resident at the marina for many years.   His boat is located a few down from ours and we see him every day as we walk back and forth to the mainland.  Willow adores him and even more so now that she can enjoy his namesake dessert!

This family LOVES ice cream!

The sign outside the marina advertising the Leroy cups

Leroy, the friendly Samoyed, guards the dock.

Willow walks by Leroy all the time and expects to see him every day!  He lives at the marina too!

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