I recently purchased a new GoPro, Mavic Pro 2 drone and a wonderful Nikon D-850 DSLR camera.  It’s been great finally having a camera again since my Canon 5D MkII has slowly dwindled and I sold all my lenses.   For fun, I have started playing around with videography primarily for learning the ins and outs of video editing.  It is A LOT OF WORK!  While I don’t see myself doing much in video, I do enjoy making silly things that maybe someday will be looked at as we continue to grow older.  I have boxes full of DV tapes packed with raw video footage of when my kids were young and need to work on getting some of that footage digitized and stored away for more secure safe keeping.   Until then, I will muddle with Adobe Premiere and see what fun I can have in the process.    In this first VLOG (uploaded onto Youtube) we enjoy take out sushi with our favorite four-legged friend, Willow.  As you can probably tell, Natalie is less enthusiastic about the whole process.