Yesterday evening I had Dish TV, internet and a landline phone installed at our country home in Steinthal and we have started the process of cleaning and provisioning for a temporary life spent here. We will continue to enjoy our home in Sheboygan but have decided that due to the continued economic downturn, it makes the most sense to pull our country home off the market and start enjoying all that it has to offer. I have to admit that I am looking forward to the unexpected opportunity this unfortunate twist of fate has forced upon us.

The dogs are also enjoying the new, more open environment and are still getting used to their new sleeping arrangements. Specifically, Zed has always been used to sleeping in his kennel, which is not really possible while spending nights at the lodge.    I’m sure it wont take long for country living becoming the norm for both of them.

El Camino takeout now includes Margaritas to go!

Zed finally relaxes during the evening

Willow dreaming of squirrels

She literally climbed onto the lowest branch in search of an invisible squirrel

Our very regal Dane