Gov. Tony Evers prepared Monday to order Wisconsinites to stay in their homes starting this week to fend off the coronavirus outbreak that is ravaging populations worldwide.  Today there are 104,871 confirmed cases in the United States and we are struggling to keep up with the sick as at least 10% of infected people requiring hospitalization, our hospitals are preparing for a surge of sick patients in the very near future.   New York, California, Michigan and Illinois are already feeling the surge within their metropolitan hospitals.

The governor’s order forced the closure of all workplaces that aren’t providing what he deems essential services.   I completely agree with this move and we chose to reopen our country home and make the most of our “indoor time”.    We have ramped up our internet service at our Sheboygan home and reinstalled internet and Dish TV at The Lodge.   So far it seems to be working well.    It’s really been nearly a year since we’ve spent any quality time here so there are the usually items that need to be fixed and maintained.   Overall this is going to be a good thing for us.

Today, Natalie spent a lot of her morning and early afternoon attending online meetings about COVID-19 while I cooked breakfast and the dogs napped.   It’s a rainy day and we are hoping to catch a break and head out into the wilderness for a walk.  In fact, as soon as I was typing that, we left for the outdoors!  Wonderful!